May 27, 2022

What is Coding for Kids in 2021?

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In a world of work where nothing is secure anymore and everything changes every so often, learning to program is one of the rising trends that have been making its way for years. Programming for all audiences. If languages ​​and office automation skills became essential in any job, little by little programming knowledge is being introduced as a must-know in almost every newly created professional profile. The importance of programming or knowing how to program in a reality that is increasingly related to technology.

Coding for Kids

Concepts such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, deep learning, or big data are specialties closely linked to computing and programming. Hence, they require highly specialized profiles familiar with code, mathematics and require learning to program in order to at least get started. In short, the importance of programming is becoming more and more visible in specific sectors and profiles.

So learning to program is no longer an eccentricity or something within the reach of a few. Nor is it that it is obligatory. But like all knowledge, the importance of programming can open many doors for you. From school or institute to adulthood. Getting started in programming at any age is always a good idea. Also with a model focused on all profiles, as is the case with Telefónica’s experience with 42, a Fundación Telefónica project that wants to promote new educational models in the programming sector. A programming school without limitations, without teachers, and at the pace of its students.

Learn to code in coding schools

Its name in English is code academy or code academies, plural. Your literal translation, programming academy, or programming school. And as its name indicates, these are academic centers or institutions whose purpose is to bring programming closer to all audiences. There are them for all types of users, from children to adults who want to start or recycle professionally. There are virtual and physical ones. And there are also those with schedules adaptable to the user’s time or in intensive mode, which require you to dedicate 100% of your time to them for a few months.

Online Coding Games for Kids

Like any other specialty or area of ​​knowledge, on the Internet, we can find large amounts of resources to learn to program. Manuals, guides, tutorials, videos, and, of course, programming schools. In its physical and digital aspects, being able to learn as your schedule allows.

Among the many advantages of programming schools, their practical nature stands out. In the first place, because they are specialized in such a specific area as programming. And secondly, because those who go to this type of center seek practical results. That is to say, that in addition to a theory they want to finish the course by programming. This practical element is joined by the adaptation and constant updating of programming schools to offer answers to the needs of the moment. I mean using the most popular tools of the moment and knowing and teaching the most demanded programming languages.

Programming for all audiences

We said that learning to program is something that can interest all kinds of audiences. For the little ones, so that they become familiar with a skill or skill that will be very useful in their academic and professional future. For those who are starting in the labor market, to find a job with high demand. And, finally, for those who want to retrain professionally and acquire new knowledge for their current job or to redirect their career.

How Coding Can Make Your Kids

Just as anyone can learn to read and write, learn languages, or know how to use technology, anyone can learn to program. What’s more, we have never had so many free or paid resources available to us to combine and expand our knowledge.

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