May 27, 2022

How to Focus a Blurry Photo Online?

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Focus a Blurry Photo Online

How to focus on a blurry photo? Is there an online program that is easy to use? Today she took a selfie that you never thought would look so good, or you have a beautiful photo, contemplating nature or your kitty purring and taking a funny position like never before.

Focus a Blurry Photo Online

If you don’t have one of those complicated photo editing software, you can use online programs, completely free of course, to sharpen an image that has come a little too blurry for your taste. Follow today’s guide and you will see that it is really very simple.

How to focus a blurry photo online

  • A small program you can use to focus on a blurry photo is Fotoflexer. Enter the site page and click on Upload photo to upload the image.

 fix blurry pictures online

  • After uploading the image, click on “Beautify” and then on “Sharpen”. In fact, “Smooth” is used to blur the image, while “Sharpen” makes the edges more decisive.

This way you can change the focus of the image. Obviously, the result is far from that obtainable with the most renowned and complicated photo editing programs. It is a free program that can still be useful to improve a photo as much as possible. Furthermore, again with Fotoflexer other functions are available that allow you to embellish and refine a photo, such as removing red eyes, inserting texts or animations.

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