May 27, 2022

How to Use Whatsapp on iPad?

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How to use Whatsapp on iPad

Tablets are devices that despite not having made many inroads into the hearts of technology lovers, are still enjoying good success today, especially in reference to Apple devices. In fact, many see the iPad as the tablet par excellence, and that is why the sales of these devices always register large numbers.

How to use Whatsapp on iPad

Many are wondering how to use WhatsApp on tablets, in order to manage their contacts and conversations on a larger screen, or perhaps while other devices are turned off or unavailable.
In this article, we will see how to use WhatsApp on iPad, in order to satisfy all the large Apple users.

How to use WhatsApp Web on iPad

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is designed to be used only on Smartphone devices, but it is still possible to use it via WhatsApp Web.

Here’s how to use WhatsApp on iPad:

  • Go to the WhatsApp Web site on your iPad in desktop mode via Safari;
  • Open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and click on the WhatsApp Web item once the menu is open
  • Frame the QR code on the iPad screen in order to complete the pairing;
  • After loading the page, you will find all the synchronized chats on your smartphone device.

For the uninitiated, WhatsApp Web allows you to chat with your contacts even from other devices (especially from computers). In essence, WhatsApp Web does nothing but replicate the functions of the application present on smartphones, even on PCs and other devices (by logging in via desktop mode). So you can also use Whatsapp on iPad without SIM because WhatsApp web acts as a replicator of your chats on the Smartphone

It should be clear, however, that it is not a question of using a number of contacts separate from those on the phone, but rather the latter must be connected to the same network as the PC (or iPad), as the function is simply that to replicate the operation.

Other solutions to use WhatsApp on iPad

As an alternative to WhatsApp Web, there are also other methods to install WhatsApp on iPad.

 Install WhatsApp on iPad

One of the solutions is to make use of a complicated procedure that first of all involves the installation of the jailbreak on the iPad: this is a very risky method, which can seriously endanger the health of the device if the operation procedure does not go to successful.

Furthermore, the security risks associated with unlocking the iPad and all Apple devices are never to be underestimated, which is why I do not recommend this type of procedure.

On the App Store, as well as on the Android store, there are also many third-party WhatsApp applications, which theoretically allow you to use WhatsApp on tablets, and therefore also on iPad.

Again, especially for security reasons, the advice is not to use these tools, many of which put a strain on the stability of your devices.

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